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What is "CIPP" and how to do it.

The CIPP stands for, Club Individualized Participation Program. This is a third-party liability insurance coverage that protects you, the team, and the club and is required to participate during the season. This is also a form of registration with an RFC (Rugby Football Club). 

How to register
In order to participate during the season you will be required to register with the club on the Rugby Xplorer website (link below). Follow the steps below to register:

1. Click the link below (open in a new window)
2. Select "Log in" in the top right of the page (or via drop-down menu)
3. Create an account and fill out your profile information
4. Once logged in, select the "registration" tab and select your profile when registering.
5. Select "Find a club" and search for "Binghamton Rugby"
6. Complete the following form with this information:

7. Complete the rest of the regsitration and pay the required amount.

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